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Update from Pastor Michael Lea

Thursday, January 21st (2021)

First Baptist Family, 


First, I want to thank all of you for the cards, phone calls, prayers, and other ways that you have shown our family support this last week and a half as we have grieved the death and celebrated the life of Natalie’s Memaw. We are grateful for your love. Her illness with COVID-19 and eventual death from complications caused by the virus is a reminder of the impact this pandemic has had on millions of people. 


Speaking of the effects of the virus, our COVID Committee met virtually this week and voted to continue live streaming our worship service through the end of February. This decision was based on the continued high number of cases in our county. We will meet again next month to reassess. In the meantime, we are asking committees and other groups to meet virtually if possible, and in-person meetings in the church building should remain ten or less people. We are also asking that everyone, even those who have already been vaccinated, to wear a mask and maintain physical distance of six feet while in the church facility. 


On a related note, I have some good news to share with you. Because of your generosity, we have reached the $8,800 goal of the special offering for our virtual worship ministry! Thank you for your swift response. Our technology coordinator Jim Childress is already ordering the equipment and we will be scheduling the installation of all the new upgrades as soon as possible. Please note that tech companies are booked up during this time and do not have all products in stock. So, it may not happen as quickly as we would like. However, we will be diligent at getting it installed in a timely fashion. We look forward to improving this ministry and working to sustain its future as a vital part of our life together. Thank you for getting us closer to this goal!


Grace and Peace,


Pastor Michael Lea: 336-480-6144

Associate Pastor Patricia Turner: 704-473-4644