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                               Update from Pastor Michael Lea

                                    Thursday, July 15th (2021)


First Baptist Family, 

We have been in our Summer Sunday Schedule for worship and discipleship since the beginning of June. The flipped schedule with worship first and discipleship groups afterwards has been a good opportunity to experience a new perspective on the connection between corporate worship and smaller group Bible study. Also, the format of having intergenerational learning (with our youth and adults) while at the same time having a hybrid class that includes people gathered in person and those joining via Zoom has given us a whole new experience and way of connecting and learning together that will broaden this ministry moving forward. Our staff and lay leadership are assessing all of these things as we prepare to make another shift in August. We are also working to secure enough teachers and leaders for the different ministry programs that we will restart as well as delegate rooms and spaces in the building to meet the needs of all groups. All that being said, we need a few extra weeks to finalize all of these plans. That is why the deacons voted Sunday to extend our Summer Sunday Schedule through Sunday, August 8th. We will begin our fall schedule on Sunday, August 15th, which coincides with the beginning of a new school year for our public school system. So, it will be a new beginning for all of our church family. As we prepare for this new start, we need your input to help our decision making process. 


We do not want to assume that simply going back to the same schedule and format that existed pre-COVID is the way forward. We also do not take lightly making changes to a schedule and format that was in existence for as long as it was. Today you received a Google Forms survey via email that will ask you to choose between one of two schedule options for Sunday morning. The first option is similar to the one we had pre-COVID: Sunday School/Discipleship Groups, 9:30-10:30a.m. and worship at 11:00a.m. The extra fifteen minutes between is an effort to allow more time for transitions between small groups and worship. It will also allow more time for intentional opportunities for fellowship and welcoming new visitors. The second option is similar to the schedule we have had this summer: 9:45a.m. worship service and Sunday School/Discipleship Groups at 11:00a.m. Please take the time to fill out this survey to help us discern a schedule for the fall. If you do not have e-mail or do not wish to fill out this survey online, you can come by the church office to fill out a paper copy of the survey. Regardless of the schedule, I look forward to beginning a new season of life together on August 15th. 


Grace and Peace,


Pastor Michael Lea: 336-480-6144

Associate Pastor Patricia Turner: 704-473-4644